If you need screens, I’m handy to have around.

Here is a list of what McCullough Maintenance has to offer.

  • Security screen doors in aluminium or stainless steel. Sliding doors and hinged doors can be done it either single lock or triple lock.
  • Colonial cast security doors
  • Security window screens in 7mm aluminium or stainless steel
  • Fly screen doors and windows available for any application
  • Pet way doors installed to existing or new doors, will fit to security and fly screen doors. Sizes, small, medium and large. Pet doors also available for your timber doors.
  • All matter of repairs are easily dealt with, you can have new wheels and gauze replaced with standard mozzie gauze or choose paw proof if your cat likes to run up the door
  • New handles and triple locks installed
  • Kitchen window servery screens

Need new security?

  • Change all your barrels in your existing screen doors or just to have them all keyed alike
  • Old bars and grills re- powder coated to look like new
  • Patio enclosures
  • Patio bolts installed
  • Window locks

Call now because I’m a Handy Man to have around!